We are fully booked until June '09

In response to recent inquiries from potential future clients, we have to mention that, unfortunately, we will not be able to accept any new project until June 2009.

We will be posting shortly an online project submission form, whereby you can send us the details of your project. Please let us know these details regardless of your desired starting date or any other deadline that you might have. In the meantime (and before the online form), please send us an email (through the contact form) mentioning:
1) your name (and your company's name, if applicable) and complete contact details (email, tel and address)
2) a short description of your project and what you would like to achieve (please include any technical details that you may know of)
3) your deadlines (if any hard deadline exists)
4) your estimated budget for the project (or your proposed hourly rate, if that arrangement fits your situation)
5) the estimated hours needed per week (if the work needs on-site presence, including on-site consultation, please indicate so) [Montreal area only]

Please try to address all the above issues, as it will help us determine quickly whether we can work with you on your project. If you do not provide enough details, we will have to ask for the missing information before we can proceed any further. Thank you for your understanding.

We are both happy and sad to post this message on our website: happy due to the fact that we are currently working on some interesting projects with some wonderful clients; sad due to the fact that we are forced to refuse taking on new projects for the moment, thereby disappointing some potential future clients. We appreciate your understanding and patience and would love to hear from you at all times.