Major overhaul of our website and services

We are pleased to announce that we've just completed a major overhaul of our website and services.

With regard to our services, we have now presented our offerings in 3 distinct sections to help clients find and choose what they need more easily. We continue to offer all the great services that our clients have appreciated over the past few years. By explaining more clearly the details of each service, clients can now evaluate better what they would like to have.

The Project Management space is now only accessible to some clients and projects, not all. This decision has been made to reduce the unnecessary overhead associated with small projects that can be better and faster handled using email and phone communication.

Last, but not least, as you can see, the website itself has undergone a major re-design. We love it! How about you? We appreciate any feedback (comments, problems, etc.) that you may have with regard to our website and our services.