Joomla v.2.5 is now supported till March 2014

The Joomla Production Leadership Team (PLT) has just made an announcement introducing some changes to the length of support for existing and future Joomla releases. We are thrilled by these changes!

At, our policy has always been to use long-term support (LTS) releases of Joomla for client projects due to their stability and prolonged support. The current LTS release is version 2.5. LTS releases have had an 18-month support from their initial release date. This support has just been extended to 24 months. For Joomla v.2.5, this means a support up to March 2014 which is fantastic news!

Here is the revised release schedule through version 4.5:

  • Version 2.5: March 2012 (LTS release)
  • Version 3.0: September 2012
  • Version 3.1: March 2013
  • Version 3.2: September 2013
  • Version 3.5: March 2014 (LTS release)
  • Version 4.0: September 2014
  • Version 4.1: March 2015
  • Version 4.2: September 2015
  • Version 4.5: March 2016 (LTS release)