Custom Joomla extension development

Need a functionality you cannot find in the Joomla core or its extension directory? We can develop a custom Joomla extension for you. We are expert Joomla developers in Montreal.

While the Joomla Extension Directory contains an enormous amount of high-quality, and sometimes not-so-high-quality, extensions to bring new functionalities to your Joomla site, not every desired functionality is already available. That's where we come in. We can develop a high-quality Joomla extension for you using top programming practices. We develop custom Joomla Components, Modules, Plugins, and Templates.

As this is a custom project and the time needed to develop the extension can vary from few hours to several weeks depending on the complexity of the project, you are encouraged to contact us before placing an order. We will discuss your expectations and needed functionalities with you and then estimate the number of hours needed to develop your desired extension. We will then inform you about the structure of the payments (timings and amounts) for the project.

We are passionate Joomla developers and nothing excites us more than bringing to life yet another top quality Joomla extension, so let's talk!

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