Security, backups, and performance of Joomla websites

Need help in making sure your Joomla website is secure? Need regular, reliable backups be taken from your site? We can help. We maintain many Joomla websites.

We offer security, backup, and performance-enhancing services for Joomla sites. Main services include:

  • Initial site examination to determine update/security needs
  • Regular backups (database and/or files)
  • Keeping the Joomla site up-to-date (security fixes)
  • Keeping the installed Joomla extensions up-to-date
  • Blocking certain visitors/countries to access your site
  • Regular monitoring of the file content of your site (detecting hacks/file inclusions)
  • Regular pings to test your site uptime
  • Evaluating your site's load time and enhancing visitor experience

Note: the above steps never guarantee a 100% protection, as such protection simply does not exist in the real world. But, these steps greatly reduce the chances of being hacked and the potential damage. Further, the coming into effect of the measures that we put in place cannot protect the account/website against past hacks (i.e. if the site has already been compromised), unless the site was subsequently rebuilt from scratch from clean sources.

If you would like to take the security and performance of your website seriously, as any serious person in business would, then contact us so that we design a custom package for you to cover all your needs. We will bring to your site the knowledge and tools that protect our own Joomla websites.

Contact us to design a custom package